dose anyone have an odometer they would like to sell that you are not using off your WR?? I have a 99 YZ400 and i want to put one on...........

i have that panorama computer but its shit, already returned it once in the first year....display always messes up.....anyone else have one of those....have problems with it??? i even take it off when i spray my bike off.......still the thing is f&**ed

anyways im from canada so i need an odometer that is in Kilometers NOT miles..........

Hey Tammie, mine's been sitting in a kitchen cupboard for a few years now so I may as well sell it. I originally took it off to make room to tuck my GPS behind the headlight and never put it back on.

Does your YZ hub have the odometer drive in it? If you just need the wheel spacer that the cable goes in we can trade spacers. If you need the hub also we could trade wheels if you like. I have spare front and rear rims so it wouldn't keep me from riding.

My odometer IS in kilometers because, like you, I am Canadian. :):p:)

I'm 1300 miles due north of you but I can arrange to have First Air deliver mine to you and pick yours up, if you're interested, should only take 2 or 3 days.

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