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86 Xr600r

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Just picked up a 86 XR600R yesterday for 600 bucks,I thought it was too good of a deal to pass up :cry:

It run's great and is in awsome lookin shape for it's age....It's all stock

Really no paint rub off on frame or engine, From the looks IMO it has low hours..Probably sat a lot

I'm lookin for any info I can get,such as.............

Oil capacity,valve lash,fuel capacity,power output,and yeah what kind of air press.do you put in the forks, or any if at all,it has schrader valves on top of the forks :cry: .....

Any uncorking to do :cry: any known problems these bikes had...

Dual carbs , whats with that :cry:

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These are some of the things I did to my XL600R

Carb jetting

132 main jet in primary carb

128 jet in secondary carb

K&N needles in both

Drilled muffler tip

Pulled the snorkle out of the top of the air box and drilled holes in the air filter cover.

On the primary carb linkage there is a lever that opens the secondary carb..I bent this lever so that both carbs open at the same time...The secondary carb was opening after about 1/4 throttle before...

I took off the push throttle cable (causes unneccessary drag IMO) and unwound the primary throttle spring on the carb linkage 1/2 round.

The front shocks should not have more than about 10 psi and I have read that nitrogen should be used never air...Moisture and corrosion problems....

There is a knob under the rear shock that adjusts the shock dampening...

The oil capacity is 2.0 qts...(SL spec oil...Not Energy Conservation...)

2.6 qts if after overhaul... Check oil level after running for 10-15 min and letting it sit turned off for about 5 min....If you check the oil after the bike has sat for hours nothing will appear on the dip stick which makes you think you need to add oil....No No No

Chain slack 1 3/8-1 3/4 inches

Spark Plug Standard NGK DPR8EA-9 or ND X24EPR-U9

Extended high speed riding NGK DPR9EA-9 or ND X27EPR-U9

Cold climates (below 5deg C/41deg F) NGK DPR7EA-9 or ND X22EPR-U9

Gap 0.8-0.9mm (0.031-0.035)

Valve clearance

Intake 0.10mm (0.004 inch)

Exhaust 0.21mm (0.005 inch)

Starting proceedure....

Full choke kick slowly to find the hard spot or compression stroke...pull decompression level to allow the kick starter to move about 1 inch. release decompression lever and give it a full kick....If you drop the bike while riding...Try starting with throttle wide open and front brake pulled...Or turn gas off...Open throtle full....Pull decompression lever full and kick 5-6 times to clear flooded condition....Turn gas back on let go of throttle and kick as described in the first part of the starting proceedure...

Let me know if you need more...... jguillory5@houston.rr.com

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Man, this is some great information!! A good friend of mine rides an '86 XL600 also, gold rims and all haha. It has 3800 and something miles on it, it's basically like new, all original and perfect shape, but he's always wanting more power to try to keep up with my 650R.

Your tips sound great!


'00XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04KX500/fmfgnarly/vforce reeds

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Any more info out there :)

Crackin,Why the differnt jet size's in the carbs :):p

I pulled the carbs yesterday to clean them and they both have the same jets,122,45 pilot .................

Anybody know the stock jet #s .........

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Hey you might want to check out a post of mine about tranny problems if you are considering going big with a big bore kit. I put in a 660 kit, cam, and FMF pipe, and keep breaking the tranny. Apparently 86's weren't the toughest tranny out there. It didn't give me any trouble for about 12 years until I put the power in it. If you don't go that big you probably won't have any problems. I haven't tried posting a shortcut before so hopefully it works. If not see 600 weak tranny/660 Kit


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The jet sizes that were in my bike were 118 primary and 115 secondary. The K&N jet kit I had came with 124, 128, and 132 (I posted 134 before WRONG) main jets and new adjustable needles...I started out with 128 primary carb and 124 secondary and needle clips in the first slot (at the top of the needle)....Bike ran fine but there is alway the question of ...Can the bike handle more fuel? Well the answer was definately YES....I Installed the 132 in the primary and the 128 in the secondary and moved the clip on the needles to the fourth slot from the top of the needle.....Major low end power increase but, there was a gorgle and slight hesitating when easing out of the throttle so I moved the needle clips to the 3rd slot from the top of the needle and the gorgle and hesitation went away but the power stayed.........I probably would have tried a bigger jet in the secondary if I had one but I didn't have one....The only other thing I want to try is a bigger pilot jet.....I would highly recommend that you guys get a dip stick temperature gauge to monitor your oil temp....My whole reason for rejetting was to try to reduce the high operating temps when running at highway speeds for long distances....I burnt 2 startors before I bought the dip stick....2 stators and labor...about $800.00.....A temperature gauge dip stick.....Priceless!!!!!..You can get them on ebay sometimes but I ordered mine from XR's only.....about $40.00.....And I forgot to mention that I put a 1988 XR600R exhaust system because it had stainless header pipes....I had overheated the stock pipes and collapsed them the second time I overheated the motor.... These bike are bullet proof...FYI my operating temp is now between 230 and 250...It has been as high as 270 but I think that is the max I will let it go to before shutting it down to cool off......

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