Iridium Plugs?

Are these worth dropping 2x the money on, or do they give an actual performance increase?



I do not know about a preformance increase...? I do know that in my wr250 they resist fowling like crazy. I put in a regular ngk and it fowled in about 3 weeks time. I put in an iridium and have had it in there for right at 1 1/2 years now and it has not fowled yet............ :cry:

They did make a difference in my Gixxer 750, made throttle response a little 'snappier'

they smoothed my idle out and last at least twice as long,its worth it as far as i'm concerned :cry:

Yep, since changing to Iridiums, i've noticed they last twice as long, and resist fouling better than the stockers. Ran them in my old street bike, and noticed crisper response on that bike, but didn't notice any difference in my 426. They might cost double initially, but if you only have to change them half as often as stockers..... :)

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