oil filter drain bolt

I was removing some oil from my 00 yz426f, because it had been over filled. I tried to remove some oil from the oil filter drain bolt, but no oil came out. I warmed up the bike for 3 min. I was able to accomplish the task of getting the correct amount of oil, but I am concerned as to why no oil came out of the oil filter drain bolt. Any help or suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance. :cry:

Its a dry sump system , oil only ends up in the bottom of the case after setting for some time. If you take the bolt out of the frame in front you will get more oil out. There is also a drain bolt in the filter cover, the bottom bolt in the cover will allow you to empty the oil filter area before you take it off and spill whats in there all over the place. I chose to lay the bike on its side , all the way on its side when i do the oil filter . :cry:

I never use the allen bolt at the bottom of the filter cover for a drain bolt because it really hasn't ever worked very well for me. I understand that either the threaded hole for that bolt runs open on the inside end into the oil filter cavity, or that it's cross drilled at some point, but it doesn't do much for me. I think it's just a matter of there not being an adequate vent source to allow air into the filter well as oil drains from it. Using it for that purpose can cause problems with the threads if metal debris from the filter well remains in them. That will cause the reads to be damaged or worn as the bolt is replaced.

If I wanted to lower the oil level, I would use the frame drain.

Thanks for both reply's guys. I was just concerned that no oil came out of filter cover, drain bolt, I removed it all the way out, but nothing came out not a drop. I did use the frame bolt to remove the oil and it worked just fine. Thanks for the advice and help, it's nice to have people like you guys here. Thanks again. :cry::cry:

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