WR dual sport??

Has anyone made a WR into a dual sport? I know people put put plates on them but has anybody made short commutes on one. I'm thinking about getting one to ride to work and have a spare bike. I've heard the 426 is better for this because it carries more oil, I believe 1.8 to 1.1 of the 450. I would be cool to have a dual sport I could really ride off road and sell it to the wife as a commuter.



There are several of us who have dual-sported our WR450's, I added a K&S 12-0040 hi/lo headlight/horn switch, horn, added the extra wire to my headlight to have hi /lo beams, the stock taillight already has a brake/taillight bulb, all you have to do is connect the extra wire to a hydraulic brake switch, I also added turn signals after someone almost ran me over. I mounted the license plate under the fender. very nice setup.

I use the bike to go back and forth to work, as well as head to some of my riding trails, the knobby tires wear pretty fast though. all in all this is the best dual sport bike I have ever owned.

Just my opinion though....

I have my WR400 DS'd

It's a GREAT way to get around town. I go about 20 miles a day round trip. It's the most fun I've ever had going to work :)


Would you happen to have a schematic for the K&S 12-0040. Talk about coincidence...I was just looking for one on line this evening to wire it up to my 05 450.

I've already wired the brake light, working on the headlight, and thought I'd just go ahead and get the K&S wired in.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for the info!!


EXACTLY what I needed

With my ohm meter I had figured out the basics, just couldn't get the right combo of wires to figure out the turn signal feed.

Which is the Brn/Wht wire leaving the Brn and DKGrn as the signal wires.

Thanks a bunch :)

Most of the poeple that I ride with that have WR's have them street legal. I converted my WR400, 426 and now my 450. It eliminates so much hassle from the local policia. Plus it is great to just hop on the bike if you need to run a short errand. I have commuted a couple of times on mine but at 74 miles round trip in freeway traffic it is not a lot of fun. Good luck convincing the wife.

I dual sport my 426 since I own it.

Best thing: 2 sets of wheels: one with knobs and the other with street oriented D/S tires. Have fun! :)


I'm at the finishing stages of conversion in regards to my 01' WR 426 dual sport. Sounds like the other guys have an economical and efficient way to do the conversion using existing hardware.

I opted for the Baja Designs "quick release kit" available directly from them for about $480.00. It's not cheap, but it's worth the dough. Easy to install, all wiring plugs into stock harnesses, it uses a H4 55/60w headlight that is actually well focused, and a LED tail/brakelamp. It even has a white license plt lamp. Kit includes a barmounted control cluster with turn signal switch, horn, high/low beam, kill switch, and an on/off function for the bike.

A small battery pack behind the number plate allows the lights to remain on for 30 min. as required by Ca. law. I went to a 15T countersprocket to give a bit more top end (up one tooth), which works well. This setup passes Ca. DMV requirements, which are some of the worst in the country.

I added an Endurance 18 function computer/speedo for time keeping duties, another good investment. If your interested in anymore of the additions, or want pics. let me know. Good Luck.

I've dual sported my WR when it was new and actually pass NJ state inspection every year. I even ride it on the NJ turnpike frm time to time. I have the full Baja Designs kit.

It can be ridden on the road but it is NOT a good street bike by any measure.

It is geared too low and it vibrates at high RPM. The center of gravity is too high, and it's kinda loud at high rpm's. The tires burn out in minutes too.

If it stalls you've gotta run "the Drill" to get it going again., High rpm running on the highway can "turn" the cam bearings. It doesn't have a cushioned drive in the transmission. It really was not designed for road use.

All it really does well is pull crossed -up wheelies out of turns, and then you've got to worry about reckless driving tickets!

Thanks guys, it sounds like I'm looking in the right direction. Still working on the Mrs.


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