Clutch Woes (Updated)

Ok, I am having this same problem on my 2000 WR400. I pulled the push rods and checked everything out and did not find a bearing. The push rods seem too short as is to make contact with the pressure plates. Is there a ball bearing somewhere in the engine? I did not notice one come out when I drained the oil, but the bike was on the kick stand at the time on an angle.

Should I be worried about a ball floating around in there? I plan on picking up a nut as mentioned above to use as a shim. Any comments?

Bumpity Bump on the ball-push rod issue.

2000 parts diagram indicates no ball, but 2001 does. The push rod on my 2000 appears to need the ball to make contact with the pressure plate, but it did not have the ball. Should I be looking for one in the crank case?

I havent read all of the replys by IMO on Barnett clutch kits.

I've seen one in a CR500 vintage 92 and put one in a 92CR250 and both times the fiber plates were too think thus you were unable to disengage the clutch properly.

to test this. Put in your old plates. If you can disengage it properly your done.

Go get yourself a new set of OEM plates.

I was not impressed with the way Barnett plates functioned in both of those applications.

Since then I use OEM and have never had a problem

As for where or if you have clutch actuation balls....God only knows.... :naughty:

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