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Dual-use CRF?

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For the past year I've dreamed of having a bike that would perform well in the woods and decent on a track. I ride 80-85% mountains/trails and the remainder on a MX track. My current XR250 is awesome in the mountains(lots of torque) but on a track is heavy and I can only jump it about 30' without feeling I'm going to break something on the bike. I'm 6'3" and 200#. I can keep up with many people on the track(corners,whoops) except for the jumps; I have to back off before launching. About a month ago I got to ride two different X's and an R. The CRF250R was a BLAST but I could tell it was a bit stiff and high strung for much mountain riding but was awesome on the track. I'm looking to build a bike mainly for the mountains but have the ability to turn in the comp. clickers to be able to jump 40' tabletops/doubles. I don't feel I need all of the 34 or so hp the stock R makes, as my XR is close to fast enough when ridden hard. I would also try to address some of the reliability issues of an extreme performance/lightweight design.

Here are my thoughts:

2004 CRF250R

Thumper Racing 270cc bore kit ($310)

torque cam(brand????) ($175)

additional flywheel weight(15oz?) ($140)

slightly lighter fork/shock springs ($170)

revalve forks/shock to somewhere between CRF and XR ($300)

SS valves ($120)

high quality valve springs ($40)

aftermarket rev limiter (12K max)

Has anyone done anything close to this? I tend to keep bikes for a long time and don't have the room for two bikes. I figure this would be about a $1200-1500 project.

What do you think?

I wasn't too pleased with the X and I know a lot of people will say ride the R stock in the woods. I just sold my YZ last year after 6 years in the mountains because it was too difficult to ride fast for a long time.

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With that budget I would start with a CRF 450R, go to Enzo for subtanks, then Rekluse for a autoclutch. That would be one bad trail or MX machine.

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