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What are you jetting??? Share.....

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Either I miss it or its not there but what is everyone jetting their new Huskys?

The info is pretty well detailed for the CR125 but not much for the 05 four strokes. So I thought I would start.

Near sea level (1-1500 feet), temps 50-60's

2005 TE450:

Pilot 55 (stock) tried a 48 as I thought the 55 was way to big but was too

lean, might try a 52.5 but when I put the 55 back in with the new needle

big power everywhere.

Needle: OCEMM (from OCDVR) 5th clip from top seems much better...

needs more testing 8-)

Main 180: stock will try more as I get the pilot and needle dialed in.

Mixture screw: 1 turn out, with new external adjustment screw (very helpful)

2004 TE250:

Pilot: 27.5 (stock 22?)

Needle: stock raised one notch

Main 160

Pumper set with no pre load.

Mixture: about 1 turn out (must do while running)

this jetting seems near perfect.

2004 CR125:

pilot: 35 stock

Needle: 6DGY04-60 (third or fourth clip from top)

Main: 400 stock, will try 410 and 420

Mixture screw about 1.75 - 2 turns out. Will be fitting extrernal adjuster screw soon. 2 stroke mixture screw

I loved to see what everyone else is doing.


Santa Cruz, Ca

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First I don't favor that fuel screw with initials starting near the end of the alphabet. I have seen more than one rider screw it in to the stop, the aluminum tip siezes against the aluminum carb body, (need diss-similar materail) and siezes, then when you back the screw out the tip breaks off, it takes a real master to save the carb! KTM hard part, Scotts and Kouba all make nice brass screws, JD says he will have one soon.

The stock Kehein jetting on the 05 450 has a way too lean needle, the factory guys tried to fix this with a way too big pilot. That works OK when charging, when doing low speed techy stuff it is very prone to stall. When restarting its usually flooded and needs the Hot Start to restart.

It took a 42 pilot to get the idle mix in line which only works if you also richen the needle, to do a 42 pilot alone would make the mid range very lean and put the Ti valves in jeprody of becoming tuliped. Very important to keep the combustion chamber temps in line with Ti valves!

To get best throttle responce you need a warm combustion chamber, you get that by keeping the pilot/idle circut lean, then when you twist you need the systems to transition from lean to slightly richer.

The perfect solution is the JD kit, His Husky version was developed on my bike in December with more meters and stuff than I knew existed. An OCEMN and 42 is a workable combo, probubly the best of what can be made up from Kehein stuff, it just gets richer than needed up in the 3/4 throttle range than the engine needs but is OK OCEMM is a bit leaner at 1/4 but probubly OK as well. As for the main jet stock is fine

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According to Sudco's Keihin needle chart the OCEMM (2.715 dia shaft) is one richer then the OCEMN (2.725 dia shaft) from 1/8 to 1/4 throttle.

When I was testing Friday with the 48 pilot which I thought would be in the ball park, as it is what worked well on my 520 KTM but it was acting very lean, bluing up the pipes and needed at least two turns out on the mixture screw to stay idling. When I went back at fit the 55 pilot the bike fired right up and really came alive. I will work down and try a 52.5 pilot next.

But I also agreed in thinking the 55 was way to fat/rich. But the only thing I could reason was that the 41mm carb is larger then the other 450's 39mm carb and the vacuum at lower revs required a larger pilot to compensate.


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