acerbis oversized tank

I recently purchased a used acerbis yz 400 tank for my wr400. The fuel line provided will not work because the fuel outlet on the left side of the carb faces the wrong direction.Does anyone know if the outlet is pressed in?Can it be moved?

The left side petcock should point rearward, and the right side forward. If the line doesn't work, get some new gas line from a dealer, and run from the right side forward around the cylinder to a "Y" connection that you position just behind the left petcock, then into the carb. I have some pictures if you need them.

Sorry - just a test message


I have an Acerbis on my ’01, both petcock outlets face rearward, the right side line I routed between the head stay and carb.

In your case, how do you keep it off the header?

Hick - I zip-tied it to the radiator cross-over hose. Keeps it clear of the pipe. I suppose you could mount the petcock the other way (the handle of mine does face toward the cylinder) it just seemed the like the right route the hose to me, but now I think I'll look at it again. Like I said - I could post a pic if you are interested.

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