Baffle/Throttle Screw Changes - wow

Pulled the baffle and replaced the throttle screw with the YZF screw today - rode the bike down the street and had to hold on - what a huge difference - this is now the bike I wanted!! Thanks to all the directions on the changes are awesome - if I can do it anyone can.

Still debating on the grey wire? It seems that some of the threads say to just leave it?


Hey OLD MAN, are those the only changes you have made to your 05? I have 160 miles on my 05 450 and hjave done the baffle and snorkle only. Cb

That's it so far

Pull the grey wire out of the harness under the tank, If you don't like the results, slip it back in. :) I would be willing to bet that you will leave it out. Make sure you re-jet, the bikes come very lean, and now it is even leaner now that you opened up the exhaust. Have fun and hold on tight.

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