clutch problems

Just went for a GREAT ride in Southern Baja, we had 2 inches of rain yesterday and traction was like velcro, no mud of course, it's Baja. But I have a little problem, when I'm really on it in 5th gear the clutch slips for a second and then grabs, I'm thinking clutch plates but have never had one do this before, usually they just slip in 5th with a big load on them. Any advice would be appreciated! :):):p Big Jim

Clutch shouldnt slip at all, regardless of loads. Easy to replace.

jim make sure you have some free play in your clutch lever.also you should take your cable loose from the perch and oil it .it may just be releasing slow.if you dont have a cable oiler ,put a small funnel over the cable and tape it with black tape then put some oil in and let it gravity feed for a while .it will eventually run out the bottom of the cable.i think this will help solve your problem .although worn clutch plates tend to show up in higher gears THE DISTRAUGHT POSTAL RIDER

Hey Big Jim,

How are those Bionic knees doing now? :)

The clutch basket gets notched so that the plates hang up for a split second and then grab. I replaced mine with a Hinson inner and outer basket, new stock plates and springs. :)

I'll check the cable but I don't think that's the problem, it breaks free about half way through the revs in 5th which is about at max power. Indy, I put a Hinson basket in about 3 weeks ago, didn't replace the plates because they looked good. I'm taking it apart in a few minutes to see if the new installation could be the problem, but it worked fine for 3 rides. Sure wish you could get down here for a ride like yesterdays it was unbelievable, there was no limit (that I reached) on corner entry speed, we were on rails. Thanks for input, I'll post results of disassembly later. Knees are doing just fine, I'm about 85% now at 6 months.. :) Big Jim

Pulled clutch today and checked the tolerances on the plates which was fine, every thing looked OK. Roughed up the plates a little and reassembled. Same thing, half way through 5th gear on pavement and the clutch breaks loose, but only for a fraction of a second then it grabs again. Too weird, I'd think that once it broke loose it would spin. Cable was fine. I've ordered new plates but still haven't talked to anyone who's had a clutch go like this. :) :)

Hey Big Jim.

Did you replace the inner basket as well? It can notch on the spline hub as well. Otherwise just putting new plates & springs in will solve your problem. :)

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