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Carb issues

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I have a 86 XL250R. I know this isn't a XR but figured you guys probably wrenched on more than just XR's over the years.

Any way this bike has the 2 carb set up where idle mix is controlled by an air bleed not a fuel bleed and the choke adds fuel instaed of limiting airflow with a choke valve. The carb won't idle well. I can adjust it and it idles well for a while then after I ride for a few minutes and come to a stop it dies or stumbles very badly until I rev it a little. The idle is very weak as well and not smooth.

Also above 45 deg F or so it starts cold just fine, below 40 or so it won't start without pulling it with a tow rope. Kicking it over for a half hour doen't start it and neither does Ether, it won't even attempt to start.

I have had the carb apart twice and double and tripple checked float level and passages being clear.

Any one ever dealt with this carb setup and/or have any ideas?



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