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The Wolf owns the Woods! First full ride Report - TE510

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OMG...can you tell I LOVE this bike. Yesterday on my 30 minute break in ride over at Prarie City SRVA, a local open play area type of ride park, I discovered how damn fast my new 2005 TE-510 is. I posted in my break in report how I thought the bike was more like a cheetah then wolf.

Today I took the bike up to Georgetown, CA, a local very nice Woods riding area in the lower elevations of the Sierra Nevada about 3000 ft. Lots of single track, with bermed corners and rocks and roots, ruts, trees, all of it you want.

Let me TELL YOU the 510 is a purebread WOLF in the WOODS. Every part of this machine is born for woods riding, the gearing, the sprockets, the motor, the clutch, the whole balance feel and power band...An awesome woods bike. It did everything well in all situations. and then as you find some open room it can show that cheetah face again, running fast too. When you go slow over rocks and hit a berm turn, then some roots and up a trail, the bike takes it all in such manageable tacking power quiet harmony like a young male lion out for a morning stroll along the trail.......and as you start to hunt more and more and get in your riding grove......then the WOLF takes over...the bike just ransacks the trail owns every piece of it ....hunting , turning, running, snarling, a young wild one, totally at home owning/marking all the territory it surveys.

ok some facts:

suspension - I softened it before today's ride - 3 clicks off the rebound and 3 clicks off the compression. the bike was much more friendly today. Tonight I took off one more click on the rebound as it was still a bit too talkative on straight faster small rocky sections or over several roots in a row.... and I dropped two clicks on the shock/ both dials tonight........ I'm no suspension wiz but I needed to make it more plush for woods riding. I think it will be even better tomorrow. Today with the 3 clicks each way on the forks it was much better then yesterday's break in ride at stock settings...

I really LIKE the auto kick stand now. It's so COOL when you climb on board I just move the bike over a tad and the kick stand automatically comes up on its own..then push the start button and GO. The stand is stable...and when I was stoped at down hill slope where that stand might want to walk ..I just used a tree like any non stand bike......... I'm keeping the auto stand its too cool to modify.

I cleaned the seat last night with armoral and I think that cleaned up some factory cheese wiz or film left on the seat that made it slippery on day 1. Today the seat was perfect.... non slip all stick even with morning water/ mud, the seat held me in place and no sore butt at all - only 25 miles today, but I was sitting mostly. it's a good seat.

Turning: the bike is a woods champ what else can I say. :D

Power:....... power when ya want it...... agility and touch as you need it. :D

woods hill climbs: up trails with rocks, roots, and whatever up you go ......... yeah baby open up that throttle some and the Wolf starts to bare it's canine teeth..ggggrrrrr as it jumps /flys up that 70 foot run like it was getting its first taste of some real breakfast. :)

super LIGHT....... I was going at about a 60% pace for me today with some 80% spurts,,,,,so I made few mistakes, but when I did, what a joke --- a good joke...all I did was shift my eyelids one way the bike corrected its self...so light so easy to handle.......oh my gosh....Love it YES I DO

Finally this is for Norman, THE DR-Z400S is for SALE. Decided that 2 miles into todays ride. Take it from me ya all. The WOLF owns the WOODS! :):p:o:D:D;):D

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Good for you. :) Enjoy that animal and keep reporting. You'll end up cursing that sidestand though, probably after the 510 tips over in your driveway putting a crease in your wife's car door and breaking something on the bike. :)

Huskys Rule,


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Great ride report! Thanks you very much. This was a majority of the impressions I was looking for. Grinning ear to ear now...off to buy one of these fine Husqvarna's! :)

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Congrats on that fine report. Maybe down the road in 06-07 I'll pick up an 510. For now, I'm buying an 04 TC 450 from Uptite Husky in the next 2 weeks. Talked to George today and ironed out a price. He will do his mods to the carb and add one of his tank creations to the bike giving me 4 gallons to play in baja with. Looking forward to the Husky ride I purposed in this treaded section yesterday now more than ever! Hope to see you down here for it.


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Congrats Steny on the new ride. all the huskys are good. I have found one ride area where the woods corners and rocks and roots are so multiple where the 510 is too much power....so the point is the 450 is a great bike. ....that TC 450 will be right for lots of fun!

Too far for me to come this time, but maybe we can hook up next holiday season when I come to LA .

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Good to hear!

I'm waiting for my my TE510 2005 ... I'm in Quebec City so I can wait for one other full month anyway before riding...

People are asking me why I'm selling my 2004 KTM EXC525.

For now, the first reason is that I want to help my friend that will become a new Husky dealer. The second answer is that I like exotic bike, KTM is no longer exotic. And third, the bike looks great.

I can wait to try the bike and finally give the real and only answer : knowing it fits me, my style and my shape (6,3 - 265).

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Vaillanfou: You will really love the 510. It "fits" me and my ride style perfectly. I'm 6'5" 255lbs. It's a Man's size bike and FUN FUN FUN.

In truth the bike is less exotic then the KTM in that it has linked shock suspension like the japanese bikes bikes and it turns so great it really is like a Suzuki RM or like any other great handling and turning bike.

all the bikes controls are in the normal places and well it's even better .. quick seat removal, quick tank removal , ..easy access to to valves..more so then any bike, yet some exotic stuff too like the two lower oil screens which are kinda fun to take out and clean...hydraulic clutch........The Styling is hot.,,,,,Yup Mine's gonna get some extra polishing and cleaning this weekend as we have a rain storm comming in.....so no riding the wolf again till next weekend. :):)

I love the reaction of a couple of 2005 WR450F riders I ride with who love their bikes too but after they both test rode my 510, the next weekend out on the trails with them at one trail stop, one guy said ya know our WRFs are great but they are missing that explosive power ...that the MX bikes have....they were talking maybe if we had a differnt cam or pipe, etc.......and the one guy said to the other, as I sat there listening, we just gotta buy Bob's Wolf for that kinda of power. :p

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Nice ' dirty' picture! Been raining here on my island since last night. Finally let up a few hours ago. Weak storm so far. Steny

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