Tech 8 right for me?

Are tech 8 boots the right choice for me? I ride mostly woods and trails. I'm looking for a great boot that gives protection and can shift in. Can anyone give some good picks for boots. And what other protection should I wear (I have a helmet)?I hate to look like some racer-want-a-be.

Where I ride off-road if you didnt wear all the protective gear you would look like an idiot. I would get a nice chest protector and a pair of pants at the least.

What kinda foot protection do you use Dunlop?

I really like my tech 8 boots. They really support my ankles well and have been tuff as hell!! Had them for almost three yrs now. I ride desert and race..... I have heard that sidi make a really nice boot that does not require as much breakin as the tech 8's do. Once broke in I love the tech 8's. It is all personal preference though. One person will like one brand and the next person will like another....... :)

Raislin Did you have a hard time shifting? I wear a 8.5 and the sizes come in a 8-9 size. Should I get one half size big or onehalf smaller?

You can't go wrong with Tech 8s. They are arguably the best boot for the money.

If you are riding offroad, you will look like an idiot without the proper protective gear. Trust in us, soon you will be glad you wear it!

If it's the racer image you want to avoid, find some muted over the pants boots. Wear knee and elbow pads under your gear, or even look into under the jersey armor (like the sixsixone pressure suit). A chest protector is also a smart option.

Really, pads are COOL. Falling hard and getting up without a scratch is where it's at, believe me! :)

When I first bought them it was the first time I had ridden a dirtbike with a real set of motorcross boots. I had a really hard time shifting at first. I acutally had to move my shifter up one notch. I also had a hard time with the rear brake. But within two weeks I had become used to them and it has been great since then. I will not ride without them now. They provide so much more support then regular walking boots do. They also protect your shins from rocks and other things. As far as the size goes, if you can, try on a set at a motorcycle shop. If you can not try them on, I personally would by the larger size (especially if you are young and still growing!! :) ) Hope this helps you out........ By some boots, you will not regret it in the long run. Sucks a little at first but is much better in the end. :)

Go with Tech 8's. Pound fer pound they are the best boots out there. I've also heard good things about the Vectors also. If'n yer worried 'bout people making fun of ya for tryin' to look like a racer, avoid white boots!

Some of the riding I do is with quad riders who ware little as much as a helmet. So I can see them making fun of me if I wear all the garb!(bastards) :)

Some of the riding I do is with quad riders who ware little as much as a helmet. So I can see them making fun of me if I wear all the garb!(bastards) :)

Quads are good fer two things- gettin' beer and somethin' fer the ladies to ride. If they give ya any lip tell 'em to suck it :)

Some of the riding I do is with quad riders who ware little as much as a helmet. So I can see them making fun of me if I wear all the garb!(bastards) :)

Srew um.... By the boots. Having a messed up ankle and not being able to ride sucks worse if you ask me. People who do not wear the right equipment are just asking for trouble. I used to be the same way, did not wear anything other then a helmet. Now I have all the goodies and will not go riding without them on. I would much rather be smart (safe) then look cool and get hurt!! :)

I just might. Its a dam shame most ride with training wheels around here. It might be something in the water that doesent allow portions of the brain to develop that help with balance. :)

Big Thanks who took the time to respond. :) I'm getting the boots, elbowpads, chest protector, and knee pads. I cant afford to get hurt with 3 kids and a wife (wife going to college). It really makes me feel good I have a place to turn to to get information like this form people I believe who care. :)

You made the right choice. Now, lets talk about these "friends" of yours. J/K

Look into the Sidi Flex Force. I've owned both Tech 8's and Sidi's, both about the same $$. The sidi's have better protection and have lasted alot longer than the Tech 8's. My .02 worth

the tech8 is a great boot. they're on sale at a lot of shops. the new tech10 has made them the number two in their line up. they do need to break in. don't over tighten the middle two buckles when you first wear them or you won't be able to move your feet. the one short coming of this boot is that they're not very water proof. if you don't reseal (sno-seal) the stitching a couple times a year, your feet will get wet.

I've owned Tech 8's for a while and they are not lasting very well compared to boots I owned in the past. They also don't fit my foot very good. Think it comes down to what fits YOUR feet the best. Go to your favorite shop try on a boot for half a hour and see if it pinches or binds any where. Go with the best fitting snug boot, they only get biger with time.


I had an old pair of Tech 4's and thought that they were the best boot in the world until I slipped on a pair of 8's. :) I can wear these things for days without them hurting. :)

White and Black Tech-8's Ronnie Mac.

I have Vectors and I love them, excellent range of movement and very comfortable, also I wear all the gear, Chest protector, Elbow pads, Knee pads, Etc... Dress for the crash!!! Who cares what anyone thinks. Good Luck. :)

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