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CV Carb rather than a Slide Carb?

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1. Does anyone know why they use a slide carb instead of a CV on the CRF230?

2. What would happen if a CV (CD) carb were to be installed on a dirt bike? Say I took a CV carb off an XT225 (34mm Mikuni) and installed on a CRF230? How would it change the power band?

3. Would it be easier to rejet the CV Carb and get it more exact?

4. Would the CV carb give more power throughout the band?

Just wonderin' :)

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Interesting questions! :)

1. Dirtbikes bikes have gone with slide carburetors over CV carbs because they can get more power out of them.

2. I think it would be more efficient but a little less performance power wise. Slower throttle response as it uses change in airpressure to lift & lower the slide ILO of a cable.

3. Yes, the advantage of the CV carbs is they are easier to get the jetting right.

4. I think it would be close, but would put my money on the slide carburetor for better throttle response & peak power. The CV carb should give better throttle control at low rpms because of the butterfly valve.


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The Suzuki DRZ400S and newer California models of the DRZ400E come with a Mikuni CV carb :) whereas the non-CA DRZ400E and the DRZ400K come with a FCR slide carb :) Most DRZ riders with a CV carb who are trying to maximize their offroad performance (and have several hundred extra dollars lying around :D ) switch to the slide carb as it provides noticably better throttle response :D Supposedly the CV carb is slightly better at handling varying altitudes without rejetting, but otherwise the slide carb is much preferred. I have not heard anyone who switched from a CV to a slide say they preferred the CV. Nor have I heard of anyone who's bike came with a slide wanting to switch to a CV :p , for any reason. The DRZ board is pretty large so I'd think if there were any reason to switch from a slide to a CV it would have come up.

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