Have we come a long way or what?

Pic' doesn't show for me. :) All I get is a little red X.....

it's a small engine postie bike with knobbies!

Wow 30 years old.I wonder if my wr will last that long?

As long as you ride alone, You will have a ton of fun. :) Don't look at the internet or read the magazines to see the technology changes since then. Put on your favorite gear and tear it up. :)

Sweet that brings back memores :)

Cool! :)

Honda made a unit like that with pedals to help on hills and stuff. It kinda looked like that.

I was riding around on it today ... what a blast this thing is. It has no clutch but eight gears and gets up to 50 MPH! Pops wheelies like crazy! 4 stroke and no smoke, lights tail/brake lights, street legal I'm thinking of putting plates on it! :)

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