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changing oil in crf250

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I posted engine oil change procedure here recently. Engine oil capacity is 0.70 quarts at draining without filter change, 0.73 quarts at draining with filter change and 0.9 quarts at disassembly.

Trans oil change procedure is:

Support the bike upright on level surface.

Crank and warm engine for three minutes, then turn off engine.

Remove trans oil filler cap on right side of engine.

Remove trans oil drain bolt and washer on left side of engine near shifter.

After oil is drained, reinstall drain bolt and (new) washer; tighten to 16 ft-lb.

Remove trans oil level check bolt and washer from right side of engine, below water pump.

Fill transmission through fill hole until oil flows out of trans oil check bolt hole.

Reinstall trans oil level check bolt and (new) washer; tighten to 7 ft-lb.

Trans oil capacity is 0.71 quarts at draining, 0.79 quarts at disassembly. Easy stuff :) .

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