How do you start a '95 XR600R??


Would anyone be kind enough to tell me how you are 'supposed' to start an XR6 please? I cant..

Bought a new stator and ign coil and it started and ran then stopped.

With the choke on from cold: I was previously turning the engine over until i got resistance on the kickstart lever then pulling in the decomp lever, backing off the kickstart to give a full swing, then going for it.

Can anyone improve on this please because at the moment im tempted to sell up.

Much appreciated

This thing has been covered to death. Do a search & you will get a lot of info. My '93 XR600 (since sold) started easily if you "breathed" it by slow stroking the engine 6-7 times with compression release activated, then with full choke and NO throttle, give her a good kick from TDC. If it didn't start after a few kicks, start the procedure over. Each bike is a bit different. Some people have better luck with the idle turned up. Mine didn't matter. Good luck.

Thanks. I will look at the past posts.

Sparks disappeared-thats why it wouldnt start. It seems to just spark occasionally, thats obviously why its so hard to start.

This is with a NEW stator and a NEW ign coil and NEW plug!!!!

Make sure all your grounds are clean and tite and clean all your connections and seal them with dielectric grease :)

I have the best luck on my '87 by leaning the bike over until fuel drips out the overflows. Then kick the bike thru a couple of times with the compression release pulled. Find TDC then move the kickstart about a 1" past it, then give it a healthy kick - no choke or throttle. It should start with 2 or 3 kicks.

Ya, i juz got 2 xr600's and Sony had let been sitting outside for about 17 years!!! I don't even wanna try to start it. Wut do i buy to make sure that the piston is not stuck in there, i heard of this stuff that u buy to let it seep between the piston and the wall. Wut do i do?

I've got a 95 xr 600.I pull the choke up,hold the decompression lever in and hold my thumb on the kill switch now kick it thru slowly 8 to 10 times.After that let out on decompression lever and kill switch continue slowly turning engine over until you feel a lot of resistance, that's top dead center.Now give it a strong kick and it should start up.If not find TDC again then kick it hard.It also works pretty good if you drop it on it's side.

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