radiator shroud decals

the decals on my radiator shoud peeled back within the first couple of rides---probably from hitting bushes (So. Calif. desert). any good aftermarket sets that stick??

I bought some from XGX racing last year. The shrouds still look brand new after about 700 miles of Michigan woods riding last year. Their matching tank graphics, however, bubbled with the escaping gas fumes a few weeks after I put them on.

I sent an e-mail to the company at the end of the summer telling them of the problem and they sent me a new set of tank graphics free of charge with an apology. I don't have any miles on the new tank graphics, but the letter they sent me said if the second set did not work, to call them and they would try again. They were working on a new adhesive last year.

They have a website if you want to check it out.




Dirt, had the same thing on my ride. After two weeks the tank graphics went nuts. They did send me a second set last year but have not insalled them yet. I hope they improve the glue, the art work is cool.

same thing here...my 05 with 2 rides...the decals started peeling back, so I just ripped em off....will wait a while to install new...I will let the tank have gas in it a while before installing new ones.

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