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Anyone try two2cool?

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Has anyone used this stuff yet? This is what they claim on their website www.two2cool.com

- Instantly drops engine oil temps, 40 to 60 degrees

- Safe for all 2 and 4 stroke applications

- Dyno proven HP increases (1.3 hp gain on a KTM 50cc Mini)

- Contains no friction modifiers (moly, Teflon, or silicone) and is safe for all clutches

- Significantly reduces heat / wear

- Increases the life of all oil related parts

- Has no residual effects, empties out with every oil change

- Compatible with all engine oil

- Add 2 oz. per Quart of engine oil

- Saves on expensive repairs

Cheers, :)

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i use it(have for 3 mos.),yes it works,don't ask whats in it "TOP SECRET" . this i can tell you;that you must have a heat problem to start with(like my auto clutch in tight spots) in order to see substantial improvements. :)

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