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What Was Honda Thinking!

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What was Honda thinking when they didn't sign Ricky. I know the guy was hurt and they weren't sure how he'd come back, but still, how could they let him get away? Roger D. and the Suzuki camp come across tooking like geniuses. Honda made a poor decision, if they make such poor decisions with the signing of riders what other mistakes and errors of judgement will they make with their bikes!! That's kind of tongue in cheek! Ricky is so dominant it looks like he could be riding a Razor scooter and still win! He is so good he makes it look easy. I can appreciate the ability it takes to stay on top and be so dominant, how much motivation must he have. Ricky is hungrier on top than most are on the bottom, the guy is just amazing. I like buying year old bikes, I hate buying first year runs (think '02 crf450), it looks like I'll have to wait until '07 for the RMZ450! Honda said it had nothing to do with the knee injury, they should have paid him anything he wanted. If Suzuki could afford him, we know Honda could afford him!! Bad Move Honda!

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