It's been nearly 15 years since I sold my last off road bike. I picked a 2002 R a few weeks ago and its currently in the process of being dual sported for California. My question is what tools do I need to take care of normal maintenence? I've never been much of a wrench so anything major and it will go to a real mechanic. Suggestions?

How do you dual sport a 2002 in California?

The guy I bought it from started the process prior to the deadline. I've already gone to DMV and gotten a temp license plate for it before we started.

How do you dual sport a 2002 in California?

You register it in Arizona :):p:)

Phillips no 2 screwdriver, flat head screwdriver,

set of ring and open spanners from 7mm - 17mm,

socket set from 10mm - 24mm

Torque wrench

Allen Key set

Long nose Pliers & ordinary pliers

Hammer, knife, Feeler guages

Tube of Loctite

Oil, grease, copper grease, WD40


Autosol metal polish


That will get you going and be able to do most stuff.

Hope this helps

I just printed it out and am heading out to the tool store. Thank you!

Might want to expand the sockets to 27mm. As that is the size for the rear axle and Swingarm nut.

Also when you get your tools go round the bike and tighten up any loose nuts or bolts as thumpers can shake themselves to bits. I have found that regularly things need tightening.

Check these common things that work loose:-

Right hand foot peg


Bolts that hold the petrol tank to frame

Bolts that hold the seat on

Rear sub frame bolts

Yes good point Tim, I could n't remember what size the large socket was for the rear wheel spindle.

You need a torque wrench that goes from about 60 NM to about 120Nm ish (rear wheel spindle is 93Nm I think) and a small one for the iddy biddy bolts! say average of 20Nm.

I would get a spoke wrench too, they come in handy

19mm open end wrench is handy for the lowest suspension linkage bearing. Cant get a socket on it while everything else is connected.

Make sure you get 6 point 17 & 19mm sockets, particularly the first time you loosen things like the oil strainer screen.

Get yourself a spare 1 1/16" 12 point socket, and make yourself a castle tool for the swingarm (directions on Erics pig pen).

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