Carb and bike set-up

I just bought a 2001 wr426, it's set up for the road. The problem i'm having is the midrange power seems to be a garbally (if thats a real word) at a constant speed on the road. It starts fine, idles well, and the throttle response is unbelievable, pulls like a monster at full throttle, i'm wondering if it might be running a little bit rich. It does backfire a bit when i gear down and slow down, but it does have an aftermarket "silencer"(doma), the neighbors must really like me. Any suggestions? I would also like to get a bit more speed out of it, as i'm ridding it about 25 miles to work on the motor way (freeway). It also has a bit of a white milky drip coming out of one of the vents, any idea what this could be?

Try pm-ing James Dean, Thumpertalks resident jetting guru. It sounds like the mid range stagger/ bobble is related to needle type/ position. If ya want more top end, try going with a smaller rear sprocket. Not sure about the milky white substance coming from the "vent". Depending what this "vent" is, it sounds like it could be obscene :)

The milky stuff is most likely coming from the black rubber hose that ends near the gearshift lever. It's the crankcase vent hose and a bit of oil mixed with condensation vents through the hose.

As for the carb problem, you can test to see if it's a rich or lean situation. While cruising along at the speed you have the problem, reach down and slowly pull the choke knob out bit by bit. If it gets better, then you are lean and the choke is helping richen things up. If it gets worse then you are rich. My bike stumbles at steady cruising speed when it's lean. It goes ba baba baba ba baba baba. Does yours sound like that? :)

Try lowering the needle one clip (if your on four, go to 3 from the top) if it's worse...raise it a clip :) It is a needle problem, life would be a lot easier with a JD blue needle. :) I ran a filter on the end of the vent hose, besides condensation it will suck dust to.. :p

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