Dual carb jets....where to buy?

Looking for sources for non-stock size XR600R dual carb jets (main, pilot, needles)...who has them?

Whats a dual carb jet?

OK Don,

How about jets for Honda's dual carb setup?

I guess I wasnt aware the jets for a dual carb set-up were different than single carbs. Otherwise, any shop should have a selection of jets.

Are the jets in the dual carb setup different than those in the single carb setup (irrespective of the differennce in jetting size of course)?

The mains are the same as all the rest of the Keihin carbs. The pilot is different, but when I was searching for a larger pilot for my bike I found Honda still carries a wide variety of pilot jets for the dual carbed XR6. I dunno about the needles, doubt youll need to change them anyway.

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