What the difference between the XR/XL

What is the difference between the XR / XL 600R? We just got 2 bikes from Sony on the series "C.H.I.P.S." if any of you know what the was. And we got the XL model and I don't know if they still sell stuff for that so thats what i wanna check out.

If I buy parts for the for the XR will it fit on the XL?

Thnx in advance

It depends on the year, but I know the 1985 models and a couple of years in that area share less than you think, but a lot of major components are interchangeable. The XL has different size front forks, but the wheels will swap, as well as the triple clamps if you wanted to upgrade your suspension, but the forks are longer, so they will ride high in the clamps. The rear suspension has a reservoir on the XR, not on the XL, but will probably swap if you can find a place to put the reservoir. The airbox/air filter is different, but I think you can swap airboxes if you needed a complete airbox. Some companies list the sprockets as the same part #'s, just different tooth sizes, some list them as different part #s. The brake lines are different, but you can use XR lines on an XL (not the other way around though). The fuel tanks will not swap, but you can get a plastic one from Clarke. Seats will not swap. Plastic might, I haven't seen XR plastic off the bike. Most of your engine parts will be interchangeable, but not identical (XL is different bore/stroke). Wiring harnesses are significantly different (more than just extra wires on the XL).

I don't know if that helps, but even if it didn't, it isn't that hard to find parts for XLs, as long as you don't need new in box (Ebay). BikeBandit.com also has some hard to find stuff.

Thats cool. Does at least the exhuast fit from the XR on the XL?

Yeah, the exhaust should be fine. Certain years had the mounting brackets in different places, but it should be workable. They are all routed the same, etc. But if you use the XR exhaust, you may have to rejet.

Ok then, Thanks

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