Restoring height to lowered YZF forks ?? how to??

A buddy I ride with has a 01 YZF that some previous owner lowered. His forks are a full 5" shorter than my bikes forks. He is over 6 foot tall and needs this put back to specs.

Will he have to buy new forks since they probably cut them & changed the springs as well or is there another cheaper easier method?

Would anyone like to swap stock for lowered forks?

I am 5'9" tall and his bike lets me sit flat footed easily so shorter riders would love these things.

Anyhow, he will end up buying a set off ebay if nothing turns up. I was just hoping to find a better or simpler way.

Thanks for any help you can give,


valentines day bump for all you Yamaha lovers out there. :):)

Cut springs and spacers is probably how it was lowered. A suspension shop should be able to restore the height back to stock. More than likely you will have to buy new fork srings. Is the rear lowered too?

I swear we cannot find anything different out back.

I can feel where you are headed with this and I agree that it should look like a reversed creation from O C Choppers with no mods to the back. LOL!!! picture that!

My friend has way less patience than me and bought a set of forks off Ebay last night to fix his bike so I will be knee deep in this by this weekend I bet. I cant wait to see what happens when he puts in the stock forks and the rear looks the same as it does now. :)

What should I be looking for or measuring in the rear?

Thanks for the help,


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