coolant question

I noticed the coolant resivoir is reading on the low mark and I was wanting to know if I just add more coolant to the resivior or do I add it in the radiator. My radiator is full when I remove the cap so I'm assuming I just top off the resivior to the full mark, is this correct? Also is automotive antifreeze diluted with distilled water at a 50/50 mix ok to use or should I use a motorcycle specific antifreeze? I also noticed after I've been riding that the bike will drip a little bit of foamy green stuff out the radiator overflow when it is sitting in the garage, is this normal?

Thanks, Chris

You are correct in your assumptions. I normally let mine cool off prior to moving it inside to allow the expansion of the coolant to receed before putting it away.

Bonzai... :)

If you really want to make it easy:

Throw away the "coolant reservoir", re-route the overflow tube down to the common drain area (just forward of the shock mount, under the bike), and replace the radiator cap with a KX500 (1.6 psi instead of 1.1) cap. Voila. No more dripping, no overtemping, etc. I've had it done for over 900 grueling miles, ranging everywhere from below sea level in the deserts of southern California, to the 13,000 foot peaks in Colorado, to the sandy forests in Florida. No problems whatsoever. You can expect, though, that the trip from sea level to 13,000 did cause a little fluid loss out of the tube (a lot lower pressure up there). Other than that, I've never lost a drop.


'98 WR400, S-3B Viking


would you be willing to part with the overflow tank and hoses? i'm looking for a spare that someone wouldn't mind just getting rid of.



wr rider i have tupperware bowl and straw from burgerking drink.i'd be willing to sell you both fairly cheap.[will consider trade for excel rims with talon hubs].let me know if your interested there in my lunch box and need to be cleaned


I notice your sig lists S-3B Viking and that you've ridden your bike in quite diverse places around the states. Just lots of moves with the navy, or do you sneak your bike aboard?


Join the Navy and see the world...or at least the majority of the U.S. I grew up in Colorado, so I just *HAD* to take the blue beast up to see how it handled the mountains. I lived out in San Dog until last Dec, now I'm in Jax...gotta love the southern ports. As far as sneaking it into the S-3, well, it won't quite fit..but almost!


'98 WR400, S-3B Viking

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