pick up my new 05 wr450 on monday

traded my DRZ400 S for it . in hopes that the wr 450 has more power

the dr was a very good bike 2001 with 12700 miles on it .all i did to it was change the oil.and all the free mods and a pipe + re jetted . anyinput if I'll like the trade. o will make it a dual sport .anyinput on a good kit .Thanks :)

you will have to break it in, and then do a few simple mods to unleash the beast.. but if you are coming off of a drz you will not be dissapointed (after mods)..

here's a link to a dual sport thread


My 2000 DRZ400E traded it self in. Blew the head. I liked the DRZ but the WR450 is much more bike. Taller seat, bigger and much better engine, stock supension is pretty nice.

Firez is right. On my first ride all stock and corked up I thought I might have made a mistake. After the mods this thing is nuts :) You won't be disapointed.

As far as I know you can't dual sport um in the California Socialist Republic where I live (don't anyone get there shorts in a bunch over that one, just kidding)

Good luck!

you'll be well happy with the WR after a DRZ, I traded my 02 DRZe for an 04 WR450 after riding a friends and am much quicker on it!!

Check out this months Dirtbike mag for info on how to de-restrict it (throttle stop, exhaust, fuel screw & grey wire mods)

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