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98-99 400f power compared to "s"?

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how is the power on a 98-99 400f compare to that of a drz-s? i was just wondering because a friend is getting one and i don't want him to smoke me too terribly. :)


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I have:

'01 S

Hotcams in/ E exhaust cam

Dynojet CV carb

12.2:1 base gasket

Full Open muzzy exhaust

15/49 gearing

Kenda k270 rear / IRC ve35 front

Battery and unnecessary junk removed

kicker kit

The 98 YZ400f I rode last weekend had:

Hydraulic clutch

Sand knobbies (Dunlop 7??)

Stock exhaust

Optimized jetting

Race tech suspension front and rear

Excel gold rims

The difference I noticed on a sand track was the:

Weight- The bike wheelied easier and was more "flickable"

Throttle response The bike wheelied easier and needed less throttle "turn" to get power down.

Landing from jumps didn't kill my back and legs.

The bike revved out farther and pulled harder.

The YZ 400 has an FCR carb, ,now I know what difference these guys talk about when going from a CV to an FCR. I WANT ONE!! That and racetech suspension.

Overall, the Yamaslop kicked the drz butt for ridability, ease of handling and it was less fatiguing. It also tracked straight and didn't wallow like the drz. But I love the drz as I can ride it on the street! :)

Burned: With the motor mods, the YZ400 felt alot stronger than the drz. Will the FCR wake up the drz enough to be competitive power wise with the stock yz400? I know the sand knobby and the 25 lb weight difference made some difference, but man that yz was strong!! wheelied on command.

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they have the power level of a uncorked E/K model.

thats not too bad then. :)

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