Recommendations for GPR Steering Damper

I would like to install a GPR stabilizer on my new 05 WR450. I would like to purchase a kit that will support 1 1/8" Pro Taper bars. Does anyone have a recommendation for a supplier. I am looking for great service and price.

Check with Rob Barnum of Barnums Pro Products at (760) 868-8097 Rob is friends with the Normans (owners of GPR) and is a test rider for them. Rob won the Ironman class in this last Baja 1000 using a GPR and has been using their products in competition for many years. Rob rides a Honda in competition, but does a lot of performance work on various bikes including Yamaha YZ/YZF/WRF. The last time I was at his shop in SoCal, he had a super trick 05 WR450F he was building for a music / video producer. He had done various engine and suspension mods to it in addition to making a custom exhaust system for this bike, but the brand new GPR II anodized in blue that matched other anodized parts he had on the bike really caught my eye. It was soooo tempting to get on it and go for a ride, but all I could do was stare at it. One of these days, a WR450F will be in my garage, but we just bought a WR426F for my son, which Rob will be making into a short stroke WR440F sometime in the future.

I have a Scotts damper on one of my bikes, a GPR 1 on another and a GPR II on yet another bike and run the Fasst Flexx oversized bars on all of them. Each damper has it's own benefits. The return to center feature on the Scotts is nice, but I like the larger knob on the GPR 1 the best for easy on the fly adjustments, especially at speed. The GPR II is nice because the damper is underneath the bars and you can run a cross bar pad where as the Scotts and GPR 1 dampers are the pad :)

BRP has a new under the bar mount for the Scotts that may also fit the GPR 1, so that may be another option to consider if you want a Scotts or GPR 1. Servicing the dampers is pretty easy to do, but GPR has free service for life where as Scotts will charge you for their services. The GPR's can be purchased in different colors where as the Scotts only come in gold, but the Scotts damper looks very nice as is. If you buy a used Scotts, make sure you get the off road model as they also sell a street version of their damper which looks identical to the off road version. The street version of the Scotts does not have the return to center like the off road version, but the steet version still works quite well in off road applications.

GPR will give you great customer service, as far a price do some searching on the web. You won't be sorry with the unit. I had 1 on my CRf and really enjoyed it and put one on my YZ. GPR is great company to work with.


Call GPR, ask for Joey. Great customer service!

I recently purchased direct from GPR and Joey double checked with me to verify make and model then kept me informed while they were waiting for a Yamaha bar clamp. My only complaint (minor) is that the Applied Triple Clamp and GPR are black in color and the bar clamp is alum with no finish. I’ll ‘blue’ (gun metal) it to match.

‘Scuse the hijack… maybe someone can tell me what I have before I call Joey. The GPR says ‘1.0’ on it but the dial has 8 positions not 6. I was expecting a ‘2.0’ but I’m not sure I’d know the difference.

You can order direct from GPR by telephone, 619-422-5771 or on the Internet at

<>. Randy Norman is an excellent rider, very knowledgeable about what works for off-road bikes and riders and sells a GREAT product. Joey is in the front office and the person that you usually contact on the telephone. He is very knowledgeable about GPR products and their various applications. Also,Joey owns a Yamaha WR450F. I live close to their shop (10 miles) and I can say their customer service can't be beat. They will install your unit if you come to the shop, located in Chula Vista, CA. (near San Diego). They also offer free periodic service on the stabilizer.

Look on the website to see the difference between the I and II version. The II version is designed so that the handle bar is over the top of the stabilizer, which gives you 1" of increased handle bar height. I have this version on my 2003 WR450F and I am finally able to stand up with comfort, I'm 6'0'' tall. If you haven't ridden a motorcycle with a steering dampener installed, you are in for a treat. The stabilizer improves the handling of the motorcycle so much, you will realize immediately that the guys with stabilizers have been cheating all this time :) .

Thanks Bajafool,

It appears when I checked the box I ordered the ‘V1’ instead of the ‘V2’, no prob. I mistakenly thought the ‘2’ was the only one with the re-valving but both the ‘V1’, standard hight, and the ‘V2’, raised hight, have the new 8 position settings.

I called the tech at GPR and he of course lived up to the high standard of their customer service reputation. He explained that they have learned a lot since they first introduced their product and the improved ‘1’ & ‘2’ now have 360 settings instead of 120 and use lower viscosity oil (from 10 wt to 2.5 wt.)

He also said ‘V3’ with a thumb control will be debuting at Indy this week and be available in the very near future.

I got my Scott's from Brian Bosch at ThumperTalk shop. He was very helpful, was really stuck between the GRP and the Scotts. Best price I found. Besides, it is how these guys aford to deliver this forum so supprot them if possible! :)

...He also said ‘V3’ with a thumb control will be debuting at Indy this week and be available in the very near future.

I'm glad to hear GPR is now publically talking about the V3, which by the way was used / tested with good results in this last Baja race. It's sure to be a good seller. :)

I have an Applied topclamp on order, they're due in a couple of weeks, although I'm not going to put a stabilizer on my new WR I ordered the bar clamp with the holes for the stabilizer just in case I change my mind. A good way to go is to order everything from GPR, they're now using the Applied clamps to compliment their stabilizers. The people at GPR are A1 in the offroad industry.. Total class..

Here's 3 photo's of my 03' with Applied Clamps with the GPR 2.0 and Fastway handguards.




Thanks gents,

You have really given me a head start on my decision. :)

I post when I have purchased and installed.

Gpr is great. They gave me great support over the phone.

Really looks great! :) Clean design! :)

I went to my first ever grand prix style race at adelanto here in Cali last weekend. I talked to a guy from RTT and checked out their damper they had on display. Seemed nice set up as far as the damper being built in to the upper triple-clamp. The guy said it was lighter in weight due to that fact but I thought the thumb control (and hoses to it) was kinda cheezy after I walked over to the GPR truck and saw the set-up of the version 3 stabilizer..... I was tempted to purchase the GPR then and there but it was steep at $770 for the upper triple-clamp, stabilizer and controller, and the oversize bars and clamps (Applied brand like the triple-clamp ). Then he said he could do a bit better than the $50 off race day price and just bring it down to $670........ I couldn't decide so he ( Joey S. by chance was the guy that talked to me at the race) said he would honor the "race day" prices for about a week.

So here it is almost 4 days later and I have had it on order since Monday...... I love this site but man have I spent a grip of cash after reading all the reviews and reccomendations in these threads. So now I'll look like a rich guy with my friggin' Sidi flex forces ( another purchase brought on by a thread about boots... :p ), and my new steering stabilizer with oversize bars set-up....... :) (at least I won't look too rich due to the bars being by Applied instead of Pro Tapers or the other high-end brand.

p.s. please spread out these suggestion threads to one per month maximum :) Peace

Hey Basicblues,

Nice pictures. I have one on my 05 YZ250 and was wondering what the cool looking top clamp with the F is? Is that part of Fastway handlebar system? I am considering a 05 WR450 and could possibly swap out my GPR depending on which unit I am riding.

Hey Basicblues,

Nice pictures. I have one on my 05 YZ250 and was wondering what the cool looking top clamp with the F is? Is that part of Fastway handlebar system? I am considering a 05 WR450 and could possibly swap out my GPR depending on which unit I am riding.

Yes, you are correct. The top clamp plate with the "F" is part of the Fastway system. :)

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