E2 or Qpipe?

I need to get a new pipe and am trying to decide which on. I am looking at the FMF Q and the White Bros E2. Which is best? I ride a 2001 YZ 426 and need to be under 96 dB. :)

I have a 2001 YZ426 with the FMF Titanium 4 system which works great... But you want something quieter... I think that FMF makes one of the best systems besides Pro Circuit.... So I would go with the FMF system...

I have a E2 on my 450 and have been more then happy!! It's not too loud and is very durable. I have gone down pretty hard and the can has only suffered small scratches. It is a well made system. :) The only problem I have encountered with the system is a small hesitation in my mid range. I am hoping to fix that with the zipty jet kit I just ordered.

I have a FMF Q on my 01 426 and can't say anything bad about it. After a new repack I was down to 94db and have not need to do it for two years. Currently hanging on to 96db

Get the E2 it wont rob you of anything including Money

You should take a very close look at Thunder Alley in Hanford. I have the bike with great results.

Hand fabricated.

:) Well, I must say that anyone that has over 10,000 posts must have good info. Thank you all for the input. Wholly Macaroni John thats a lot of posts.

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