she lives again

my baby breathes fire again. started her up again for the first time since right before i seized it at glamis thanksgiving weekend. started up second kick. since when i first took it apart and found out i needed to replace the crank bearings and the bearing on the big end of the rod, i decided that i should also get a hi-comp piston and a hot cams auto-decomp exhaust. loving it. i rode it very briefly today(i still have my paddle on), just to make sure everything was good. because of this i wasnt able to really check to see how the jetting is. should i need to change anything because of the hi-comp piston? im not going to know for sure how it runs until this weekend in glamis but if any of you know of something i might need to do it would really help that way i can be prepared for it this weekend. thanks for the help guys.

ok, so today i was going over the whole bike making sure that everything was torque'd and tightened from putting the motor back in. after i did that i started'er up. started first kick. it never did this before but once it was running it started to blow smoke. blue smoke. like it was burning oil. what could be causing this? thanks for the help guys.

If it's just a little then that may be normal on the first run after a rebuild, but it should stop fairly quickly. If it's dumping smoke or in a worst case passing raw oil out the exhaust then you may have a problem.

Were you sure that all of the ring gaps were not in the same location on the piston?

Just a thought, but I had a buddy once rebuild his XR and installed the rings upside down. The bike ran and he rode it for a bit, and it had blue smoke pouring out of it the whole time. Flipped the rings and he was smoke free.

did you use any assembly lube or anything like that... could be burning off...

How do you "sieze" a '426?

too hot is how, then everything just melts together

ring gaps were good. they were checked several times. not much assembly lube was used. mostly oil. it only smokes for a little bit then once its warmed up it stops. rings were not upside down. im not sure whats up. ill have to check it out again tomorrow. thanks for the ideas guys.

Could it be too much air filter oil? I did this last week. Smoked a little when I gave it a good rev just after starting (ie - air rushing through the filter and taking some oil with it).

no, dont think its that. if that were the case then wouldnt it have continued to smoke yesterday as i was riding it? i can try to take the filter off and start it. but i dont think it is that.

Does it smoke only after sitting (on start-up), and only after idling? If yes, then it may be your valve stem seals.

A second thought; when you put the new piston & rings in, was the cylinder still in good shape (still round within spec, had cross hatch, etc..)? If not then the rings may not be seating correctly.

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