questions for z-start users

Last friday I installed my long awaited Zstart clutch. The installation was easy and took about 1hr folowing the step by step instructions provided. :p I also got the perch adjuster which I installed with the soft spring for tight trail use. Getting that to work right took longer than the clutch installation itself. Did a small test run which indicated some slip above about 4500 rpm so saturday rechecked the gap and replaced a thin plate with a thick. I also put back the stock throw out ball to increase the clutch cable free play. A small test showed the clutch was fully engaged at approximately 4500-5000 rpm.

Is this typical of a zstart instalation with the perch adjuster?

Did 130kms sunday on tight trails taking in conditions which are normally quite difficult and tiring. They became real easy! :) The clutch appears to work perfectly, no stalling, crawling over rocks and obstacles almost like a trial bike. :D After the ride I check the oil color to see if there was any burnt clutch plate deposits there but it is clear.

Is this more or less the result I should be looking for?

On steep downhills using the engine braking if I disengage the clutch with the lever the engine braking disappears and does not recover when releasing the lever. Came as a bit of a shock first time! :)

Is it normal?

Blip the throttle just a wee bit, and it'll engage.

The freeplay adjustment really befuddled me. But after calling Patrick at Rekluse he guided me.

With the clutch perch, adjust your cable slack to where the slider inside of the black barrel is a nickle's width (not a nickle's diameter) from touching the inside lip of the black perch adjuster barrel as you raise the rpm's. You'll see it sliding left and right as you rev as the balls engage. This is the correct amount of clutch slack according to Patrick.


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