Stage 2 Cam, what else do I try?

I am in the process of aquiring a Stage 2 hotcam for my 650R. Many suggest a higher comp piston to complement this.

1) Has anyone had any experience with these mods?

2) Do I understand that my stock valve train can be used?

3) Are there any valve/piston clearance issues with an 11:1?

4) Should I be concerned with the stock cam chain reliability?

Thank you for any input.


1) Not yet.

2) Yes, stock valve train components can be used as long as they're in good shape.

3) If you're using anything other than the stock piston or using any other cam besides the HotCam, then I'd definitely do a clay check to make sure you won't have clearance issues. That's something I just don't trust anybody on even if they say they put it together and it worked fine because you just can't be too careful when you're dealing with valve / piston clearance issues.

4) I personally wouldn't worry too much about the stock cam chain, but depending on how much the bike is used, I'd check it from time to time just to be safe. If I was riding 10,000+ off road miles each year, I'd check my cam chain once a year to make sure it was still in spec. I ride much less than 10,000 miles per year and plan to check my cam chain every other year. I'll probably be checking my cam chain sooner, but only because I'll be installing a stage 2 HotCam sometime later this year.

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