husky cr50

Has anyone bought the husky 50cr for thier kids?

If so should I?

My son is 6 and it will be his 1st bike.

others i am thinking about are the ktm and the pw50.

What about the xr50?

I bought a PW50 for my kid a few months ago and have been very happy with it. Starts easy, runs clean, and it is easy to set the throttle stop screw. Make sure there is lots of room the first time, cause there is no telling where they will go.

It has enough oomph to care me (200+lbs) around very fast. You need to keep your knees outside your arms and watch out for dragging toes.

6 years isn't extremely young, but for safety and ease of user, especially for really young kids or as a 1st time bike, the PW50 is probably the best - it has the auto clutch like several others, but also has a shaft drive, so there is nothing to chew up arms and legs when the dump it whil learning. There are lots of them around, they are reliable as hell and they haven't been changed much in years. I'd buy a good used pw50 (should be easy to find), let your child learn on that this year, then sell the PW for what you paid in the spring and upgrade him to the Husky or something when ready. I'm thinking of going this way myself and I really like the Husky, but it might be a handful to learn on.


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