'05 e-start reliability


I'm Thinking about getting an '05 wr450 and was wondering how the e-start works when hot, floded after a stall or spill and how well it works

with cold morning starts (35f) while being left out all night when camping.

Thanks for your help.


Mine does GREAT!...while at one dez race I expected the batteries to drain before starting in the am because of below freezing temps...it fired up just fine...also, when hot, just use the hot start lever that is now real simple to reach...that actually works real good. Ive stalled it a couple of times in the hot cali dez sun going through some tight terrain and when I tried to just hit the button, it didnt fire up and kept cranking...so I hit the hot start....and WAMMO!...

So far so good for me. I just blip the throttle a couple of times on the first start before hitting the button and it works great. The temperature has been in the mid to upper 30s in the mornings and it is starting fine. :)

Mine does real great. Keep the battery on a trickle charger and it will start with the e-start as low as 32 degrees. below that you may need to kick it. Note proper jetting is critical:

75 starter jet for 30 - 40 degrees, 72 starter 40 - 50 degrees, 70 starter 50 - 60 degrees, 68 starter 60 -70 degrees and 65 starter above 70 degrees.

Your bike should e-start without twisting the throttle with the right starter jet. It is also important to have valve clearances set right as well. :)

Indy, good advice with the starter jet.. Mine is off just a tad, my older bikes would start with no throttle but my new bike loves the juice a bit too much when starting. I think I'll try a bigger SJ.. Thanks.... D :)

not only as the e-start been performing perfectly, the other morning,about 35 degrees, I kicked it just to see and it hit on the 3rd kick. this bike just continues to amaze me.

I haven't had very good luck with my battery keeping a good charge, but after doing all of the mods and the JD jet kit, it can be 30F outside, and it'll start on the second kick (after a few flicks on the throttle that is).


Thank you for all the repies. It sounds like a bullet proof e-start system.


I ride CalCity every weekend and I have never had any problems with My E-Start :) Even when it's 35*f or 100*f this thing starts every time no problem ( unlike my buddy's ktm that floods every time you even look at the throttle ) :p The cold start button works as well as the hot start button, but I rarely need the hot start. :)

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