Shifter Suggestions ??

I have tuna boat sive 14 feet and have IMS superstocker pegs on order. I have a hard time getting my foot under the stock shift lever. I have moved the lever up and is better but rides high on the downshift.

The question I have is:

Any suggestions on an aftermarket shifter that might be a little longer and have a little wider tip that might help?

P.S. this is for a XR650L

A lot of the aftermarket steel shifters are made by the same company, sold under different names, so it's not a big deal which one you get. They can also be too strong, they don't want to bend. If you hit a stock one it will bend and most aftermarket ones will not, instead bending the shift shaft.

If I were you i'd just have you stocker lengthened to make room for your boot.

If you have an aftermarket one lengthened have the welder do it so it creates a weak spot in the lever so it will be able to bend.

Cool, thanks for the advice.

I got an aluminium +20mm length and adjustable tip height shift lever on the way. Where else ?? The TT store.

Thanks Bryan !!!

I welded a extra in. into a metal shifter works great for size 14 boots.

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