Wheel Question/Problem

I bought a used front Excel wheel and it's in pretty good condition..the only problem is when I bolted the wheel up I noticed a lot of play in it on the axle...the spacers are correct. I was wondering if it could be the bearings and seals that are bad? Any ideas?


If the axle is tightened correctly, the play is in the bearings.

The axle is tight and true...I bolted the old wheel back on just to make sure and there was very little to no play in that one...how hard is it to change out the bearings and seals...I'll just swap them from my old wheel to the new one.

You can do that, but you'll have to be cautious not to damage the ball cage or integral seal plate, if any, when you drive the old bearings out. It's not too hard a job. Here's a guide to it: http://www.thumperfaq.com/wheel_bearings.htm

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