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05 450 fork spring "news"

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My last post on this got deleted by virtue of a technical difficulty but I think it is important for people to know what I found out about stock springs:

This was "news" to me.......

Honda states that the stock fork spring is a .47. Got mine tested and both were .49 (on the Race Tech fork spring tester). Talked with my suspension guru, Cliff Piper at Piperperformance and he says that he has found some that are .45 to .49 and even one that had a single .45 and a .49. Supposedly production tolerances on the spring give it 5-7% range and still be called a .47. Which means it could be (.45 to .50) approximately.

This could really make you crazy if you buy a set of .49s and put them in expecting a difference when you just took out .49s. If you buy your springs from RT or eibach, this won't be a problem because all of them are tested beforehand.

Good news was that the shock spring was exactly right at 5.4.

I would advise anyone who is looking at getting springs to check theirs first. I had a set of .49s coming like the mags say, but I was glad I cancelled that order.

Anyone else have the same or similar experience?


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