kickstart slips some times 650R

My bike only has a few hundred miles on it but I notice some times when I start it the kickstart will give an inch or 2 before it catches. I follow the drill of pushing until you feel the hard spot, push a few inches more with decompression lever, back up to top, and then start. It starts usually on the first kick but just wondering if I have a gear failing or something in the kickstarter or if this is common.

Again, when I kick everyonce in a while, It feels like it releases and then catches right away.

I have a 2000 650 and it has done the same thing from day one. Most times it kicks correctly but everyone once in awhile it will slip. I don't know what causes it, I have looked at the gear and replaced the spring to no avail. I just thought it was a early model problem. Anyone have an answer?

Dale Aastrom


Allright, atleast my Pig isn't the one that does this. It sounds atleast that yours hasn't gotten worse anyway. I can handle that if the same is true to my bike because it seems like a fairly rare thing.

Mine does it too occasionally. 200XR650R.


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