Dual exhaust mod on XR650R - comments?

I'm converting my 650R to supermoto and looking at all sorts of potential mods while it's apart.

One thing I'm thinking about is fabricating a pair of new headers that drop down in front of the frame and curl underneath where they would each mate up with a small glasspack muffler (3" outside dia., 1.75" inside, 17" long) which would hang just under the frame. I won't be offroading or jumping, so I'm not concerned about ground clearance (pegs yes, but not under there).

I'd weld tips to the back ends of the mufflers to distribute the exhaust just behind my heels.

On the intake side, I've replaced the airbox with an open element K&N Xtreme filter, leading to an Edelbrock pumper.

Any thoughts?

If you abandon your dual exhaust set up, I've got a perfect exhaust system for a supermoto for sale-see parts for sale section.

Akrapovic full titanium system $400.00.

If you complete your dual system, post a photo!


Scott in Sacramento

If it's any use i have a remus exhaust system on my brp that consists of a twin pipe setup with each header pipe runnig down alternate sides of the engine with the twin cans sitting on the RH side of the bike in a stacked formation.

I was talking to Rob at Barnum's Pro maybe 2 months ago and he said he was working on a Barnum's exhaust for the R. Rob is a dirt guy so his design would have the headers split and go around each side vs under the bike as you describe. His design if I recall correctly would have the header pipes come back together behind the carb and then go out the right side of the frame, 2-1, into the canister.

You might give him a ring and talk.

In any case keep us posted. I have an '01 R that I just converted to supermoto. Awesome bike, awesome fun.

Ride safe.

No No you can't!! In my opinion it would just look so out of place. The motard should have a high level can. It would look like some kind of flat track freak with and underframe exhaust. Buy the Akro.........

Akro still available

I'll probably put it on ebay in a week or two when I get some time



Check this out:


I've seen that before. I like the look, but I can't see any way to justify the weight of 2 full-sized cans. This is more like what I have in mind:


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