2002 WR426 Suspension Settings Recommendations?

(this is a repost from the suspension forum)

Fellow TTers:

I am a 195lb 6'2" rider and I have a 2002 Yamaha WR426. I am a novice when it comes to suspension adjustment and tuning, but I'd say advanced novice when it comes to riding. I do mostly trails/bumpy stuff with an occasional take to the skies. I was wondering if anyone could give me a good starting point for compression, rebound, preload, etc, for both front and rear, as well as what the sag should be for a rider of my size. I am still losing weight, and am shooting for 175lbs. by the beginning of summer, so I'd rather not have my suspension professionally worked on until I reach my weight goal, cause that's too spendy for a student of my budget at the moment :)


I talked to the best suspension people here in Houston and was in more or less the same predicament. The told me that they could work within a grey area and have it ready for my ideal weight when I get to it. They set it up for my ideal riding weight and then adjusted it to accomodate me in the mean time. They will tweek it for as long as you own the bike so I had it done last week. They charged like $690 including new seals. There are much more expensive people here in Houston that do lesser quality work, so shop around and find out who does good work in your area. Best Wishes

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