Husky revolution

new 2006 super motard sneak pic on husky web site and specs and write up too

That is the dog's danglies for sure :)

I like it. Seems to me the pipe is on my crash side though. They should make their web site guy fix the site or get out. The bike is way cool at 308lb and 576cc it is a contender.

It says 308 lb dry and 50 rwhp, not bad, but I really thought they were aiming at the 625 SMC and that they would try to surpass it's numbers, but as it stands it looks like it will be slightly heavier (625 SMC claimed dry weight is 291 lb, if you believe claimed weights!) and a few less ponies. Either way, I still like it!

The dry weight for the 2005 KTM 625 SMC is 321. I wonder how they compare against each other?

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