XR400 suspension question

I am buying an 02 XR400 tomorrow and the previous owner weighed around 275. He put .47 Eibrach springs in the forks, and my question is this...I weigh 200 lbs ...does this spring need to be changed, or can I adjust it to make it work for my weight? Thanks in advance for any input..

That's spot on for the previous owner but I think Race Techs recommendations for your weight is more like .44kg. You can make some adjustments to dampening but it will never be right until you make the change. It will be fine for big hits but you won't be using all of your travel. More importantly it won't absorb the small stuff and you will find yourself getting bounced around. Most new owners focus on power but suspension setup is always the cheapest way to become a faster rider.

:) Wow,

Dem springs is gonna make for a stiff ride! Might try fooling with the fluid height first! :)

my guess is the bike will have a real bad head shake or tank slap at high speed, unless you change the spring rates.

How about the rear?

Real quick way to get rid of head shake temporarily, if you do not want to slow down. Slide your cajones up to the gas cap. If head shake goes away the bike is too stiff in the front or not stiff enough in the back.

sometimes just adjusting the compression can cure head shake, usually a differnce in rider weight of only 20 lbs. can cause a bike to head shake.

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