New poster here, building an '86XR250R

First post here; great board! Anyway, I'm just beginning to restore an '86 XR250. I'll probably have lots of questions as I go from the ground up w/ this thing.

One quick question. I thought I saw someone post that there is a mod to eliminate the decompression lever. Anyone?

Anyone have any recommendations for a rear shock? The stocker's piston has pitted (result of the bike being left outside for XX years untouched...) so I'll be replacing it.

I'm gonna check out some more posts in the forum, but I hope you guys have some good advice! I'll give updates as I go w/ the rebuilding.


Well, for you removing of your decompression lever you can pick up an automatic decompression lever that is placed onto the right side of you engine that tucks away very nicely. You can get this at a honda dealer or on Many of your parts can be order off that website. For you rear shock i would suggest Progressive suspension. I have an aftermarket on my 87' Xr250r and i love it. You have alot of levels to choose from and it is very nice. Lastly i would suggest a Weisco piston just becasue it is high- performance and they are the best on the line. Hope you have fun on your little project! Good Luck!


1987 Xr250r- 909 Team talls, Millville tires, maier

plastics, ufo universal mx fender, cycra bark busters, k&n airfilter,white brothers e-series, snorkel removed 280cc big- bore kit, and many more experiments.

1961 Honda 90- Totally stock and she still rips!

If youre going to do anything with the decomp, unhook the auto decomp cable, but definitely leave the lever there. Its very useful for clearing a flooded engine and for bump starting.

Decent used shocks can be found on ebay on a somewhat regular basis. 86-91 models (and probably 92-95 too) will fit.

i noe a 94 xr250l model shock will not fit a 91xr250r model,


The L model (all years) has a different shock than the R model.

For a shock try works performane. They make good stuff but are a bit pricy about $500 for the one my dad got on his '84 CR500

I have an 87 xr 250 and i just took off the decompression lever.. I dont ever use it and plus i broke off the screw and icouldnt fix it.. but there is never a time i needed it!!

how abt gg to a 280cc or even a 300,

would be awesome power man,


What advantage is to remove the auto decompression system?

I found it a little easier to find TDC, but I really took it off b/c I got tired of forgetting to hold down the lever when I put the case cover on.

Okay, good advice so far. How about pipes? The stocker is pretty much destroyed, and I figure now's the time to set up the carb anyway. If I have to change jetting, I might as well do it now while the carb is apart. Any preferences for pipes? How about availability?

There are a few pipes available, but most of them are on the loud side. If you can find a good stock replacement, I'd just stick with that and replace the baffle with one from an ATC250X.

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