Tires ?

I'm having a hell of a time finding tires for super moto that fit my bike ! I'd greatly apreciate a direct link and exact tires sizes that will fit an xr100. I've found a bunch that seem they'd fit, but I don't want to order them and be SOL. Motocycle-superstore says the rear tire for my bike is 3.00x16 and the front is 2.50x19 while all tire sizes listed on thier site have three numbers. I'm massively confused and would love some help. :)

~ I'm looking for the cheapest tires here also...

look up stock bridgestone trailwings for a Honda XL100S, these are DOT aproved 50/50 Knobbies so they are rounded and work well on pavement. I use the XL80S set on an XR80R and get them from Chapparal I think, but mabey Dennis Kirk. both can be found on the web. you should also consider putting an XR80R stock front rim and stock modified forks on your 100 too.

Please, I'm still massively confused. Can you give me the exact tire size ?

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