03 YZ250F Carb Joint

I just had the misfortune of learning how painful it can be to have the carb joint come loose from the manifold. I was in a very tight rhythm section when it came loose. I had a fair amount of speed so I know first hand now what rodeo feels like! Luckily I was able to hold on (Thank God for the Death Grip) only minor bruises to legs, stomach and pride. :)

I did a search on “carb joint” and found others have had the some problem from time to time however not many suggestions on how to fix the problem.

What are your suggestions for keeping the sucker from coming loose? Anyone put glue, like Renthal grip glue or something on the joint?

Some of the pros safety wire the carb to the head, to prevent it from blowing off in case of backpressure. this is highly unlikely though and it sounds like you need to check the parts to see if they are damaged.

I ride in the woods and I blew mine off going down a staight away last fall. I just used a big zipty and wrapped around the carb and upper motor mount and cinched it up. Some guys use safety wire but the zipty is quicker to do and easier to get tight. If you have to move the carb just cut it and put on another one.

Nobody replied about using glue on the Carb Joint so I decided to go with the Zip Tie idea. Adjustable, quick, and I was able to hide it pretty good. Hope that does the trick!

Hope that does the trick!

another thing that will help is removing (or just grinding down) the stock spacers that prevent the boot clamp screws from tightening all the way.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Check that the rubber carb boot (between the carb nd cylinder) hasn't split.

After the same thing happened twice on my sons 03 250f,I removed the boot nd found it split.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that. Some of the mx guys keep a spare one in the toolbox because they do occasionally split.

The '05 carb joint is made of sterner stuff. Put one on our '04 YZ250F after splitting 2 stock ones running B moto's. I've never had one just pop off though, it's always been a split.

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