Stay Off The Track!!

Holly crap people, do not cross a motocross track! I was in the first moto in the 250 A class at a track here in WA, and a woman runs across the track right after the first turn! Me and one other guy were in front and landed off a table together and right in front of us was a woman! She spun off the other guy right into me (doing however fast 3rd gear is on a 450) and got nailed. I couldnt go around her. I flew over the bars and rolled, but got back on the bike, but still. SO KNOW WHATS GOING ON AT A RACE BEFORE YOU CROSS THE TRACK!

that Sux!

What a dumb bitch. How can you not know whats going on at a racetrack?

I would have taken her ass out on purpose.

Haha some people just dont have any common sense what so ever. We were Race Town 395 and my friend almost got ran over. He wanted to cross the track at a blind corner thats after a step up double and I told him no we should go up further but he decided to go anyway and just at that time, a rider came over the hill and almost took him out. Now at this section your probably only doint 20 mph so it wouldnt have been as bad but still. He has no common sense.

Another good example at the same place but on the vet track, a rider not paying attention jumps on the track in the wrong dirrection and almost takes me and my buddy out. One of the flag people told a track personel what happened and when they stopped the guy and asked him what the hell he was doing and he said he thought the track went that way. They told him that he needed to pay more attention to what the hell he was doing and he got smart with them and they ended up kicking him off the track for the day. I got a good laugh out of it but it coulda ended up worst.

Damn that sucks... what a stupid woman. kinda funny though :)

Gives a whole new meaning to Whoops on a track.. :)

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