San Diego Tuesday

Anyone want to ride anywhere near San Diego on Tuesday? Desert or McCain or what ever. I would like to try and get a ride in before the rain on Wednesday.

what's mcCain? BTW, A street was a blast today!!

Its an ohv area up in the mountains. Its about an hour from my house. Its a lot easier than some of the Deer Springs Road trails. Are you up for three days in a row?

Am I the only one with sick days? :)

I have. It scares me, because I'm sure I would be stupid enough to try that exact same thing. :) You know there has to be a way to get down to the desert. :)

I'm in Vista...and I know the Deer Springs area, I've ridin my bicycle up it many times out to the Northern reaches of Escondido...tell me about the trails off of Deer Springs? Are there nice fire roads to ride? or just gnarly, don't go alone trails? I've yet to try to find the trail head on my MC.

There are really a lot of fun trails right around there. We park by the am pm, and you could ride right from there into the trails. The rain has made the gulley into the trails pretty impassible with a huge rut. There are other ways in though.

Thanks, is this county property, or should I keep on the look out for the property owner with a shotgun? I'm street legal...

We ride up there a lot. I'll let you know next time we go, and maybe you can meet up with us. Thats a lot simpler then trying to explain it.

Sounds like a great idea, pray for dry! We've had enough rain for awhile. Never thought I'd say that, but enough is enough...

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