Transmission Trouble

We had 2nd gear fail on the gate yesterday. This the 1st problem we had with a 2004 that was purchased in May o4 and ridden every week at least 2-3 times a week.

My question is, will the 05 trans parts work in an 04? I would like to put 05 gears in the bike since they are supposed to be stronger.



Call Pro-Circuit or ask your dealer to call Kawasaki. My first guess would be "Yes...but it would require the 'Whole Enchilada'" :)

Good Luck



'04 tranny = '05 tranny, except 3./4. gear (input shaft) and 4. gear (output shaft).



'04 tranny = '05 tranny, except 3./4. gear (input shaft) and 4. gear (output shaft).


exactly. they only changed 3rd and 4th (shot peened them for strength).

I had a bike in the shop that did the same thing. Turns out it was a bent shift fork. Had to replace all the gears and shims and snap rings on that shaft plus the fork itself. Good luck.

The bike we did would shift directly from first to third. If you shifted really slowly you could feel it grab second then when load was put on it, it would jump to third.

Thanks for the input. I pulled the motor out today and drained the oil. The oil was clean so I'm not sure if the gear came apart. Maybe it just has a bent shift fork. Unfortunately, I have to go to the Miami boat show until next week so I won't be able to tear it down and order parts until next week.

Another question, How about the radiators? Can I just bolt on 05 radiators?

Another question, How about the radiators? Can I just bolt on 05 radiators?

yes, the hoses are different sizes though so you'll have to cut yours or buy new ones.

for the same cost of the 05 rads you can get fluid dyne (i think that's the name) that are even bigger and will cool even more. I think they are like 450$ for a set verses the 300 each radiator for Kaw.

2nd gear on my 04 went out to. :) Took it to the shop, then a week and a half later it comes back with a $1000 bill. all i have to say about my rmz is its a PIECE OF SHIT :)

Now come on Weiss... that's insulting to sh*t. :)

I believe I said similar in the latest satisfaction survey they sent me.


'05 YZF

'04 RMZ w/SS valves (For Sale)

I would agree on one item there, Suzuki is shit for repairing bikes under any warranty, Kawaski on the other hand has been on the ball since the bikes came out they have taken care of every issue we have ever had.

I finally got it apart. The gear is damaged a little along with the shift fork. Not as bad as I originally thought. I should have it back together in a couple of weeks.

You might check with a gear or tranny shop to see about having your new parts "treated" strength.

Ty Davis at ZipTy Racing has had some experience building some pretty tough trannies, you might give him a call.


teamjester where in Florida are you from?? Do ride for pleasure or race?

I shot peen all the gears in our race bikes. Then I polish them in a vibratory polisher. In house.

If you arent landing with the ball of your foot on the peg you can have your weight on the shifter.

This isnt a warranty issue if the shifter is bent. I would check everything in the tranny. If there is any damage/rounding of the dogs between on gear and the next I would replace all of the gears. If there is only slight damage There is a place near falicon cranks in Clearwater fl that will remachine or undercut every gear and its fairly inexpensive. They will also do the shot peening/cryo treating and polishing. Pm me if you need help with this.

WMR probally has the parts in stock. Norman

Thanks for the input Norman.

My son races the 125C and we live in Palm Bay, Florida. We just finished the Winter Ams a few weeks ago and we were at the 1st FMX series race when it happened.

As far as parts, I have a buddy that sells me everything at 10% over his cost. I am going to replace the bad gears with new parts. The good thing is that it didn't destroy any gears and didn't have metal through the whole bottom end. I haven't had time to thoroughly inspect every part, hopefully I will get to do that this weekend and order everything Monday.

I think am also going to put a new crank in it since I have it out now anyways.

If its more than a few months old and you have it apart definately put in the crank and a new top end. If you have a hard time getting any of the parts we usually have most everything in house. Call me if you need anything. 863 357 3400. We live in Okeechobee.

I can also steer you in the right direction if you wanna do any mods while you have it apart.

Hi guys I bought an 04 RMZ 250 down here in Oz that did the same thing and shat 2nd gear. It completely desptroyed everything; engine cases, clutch basket, output shafts, gear forks. You name it it destroyed it. Not a happy camper after only a few months riding!!! Anyhow I have bought all new part (several thousands later) but was wondering if the 05 parts are actually stronger? Anyone help on this one as if this happened agian I would simply sell bike.


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